In 2013-14, Ekpac arranged one of the largest American equipment exports to China under the US-China Framework Agreement between Ex-Im Bank of the U.S. and the Ministry of Finance of China.  This project received the full support of the Ministries of Agriculture, Finance, and Commerce of China, as well as the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

  • During the Chinese approval process, Ekpac provided meticulous advice and counsel at no cost to the Chinese buyer.
  • During the contract-signing phase, Ekpac worked diligently to maintain and ensure clear communication channels between the customer and foreign suppliers and to facilitate the timely conclusion and signing of the purchasing contract.
  • During the selection of the commercial lending bank, Ekpac organized an event for 5 global commercial banks to discuss their proposals and present their bids, and enabled the buyer to obtain the financing plan that suited their needs.
  • During the execution of the contract, Ekpac’s timely communication and problem-solving ensured that the equipment was shipped, cleared customs and was available for implementation within the shortest time possible.
  • During the disbursement phase, from start to finish, Ekpac tracked document flows and pushed all parties to process and approve documents in a timely fashion and guaranteed that each and every supplier ultimately received payment.
  • In sum, the export packaging work done on this project was critical to the project’s overall success.